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The wedding: the most beautiful day of your life in a country village at the end of 700, surrounded by hills and lush forests, with a view of the rock of Orvieto, dominated by the cathedral more beautiful in the world.
The entertainment for the wedding ceremony takes place in stone rooms with arched walkways and the exterior unique fragrant flowers and many plants of multi-colored roses and, at the edge of the Park, a large terrace with panoramic views and a large swimming pool where with your guests can eat and celebrate.
The photo shoot can benefit, as well as spaces for greenery and the views breathtaking, even the architecture of the village with its courtyards, arches and charm of the eighteenth-century structure whose restoration has not changed the originality of materials and forms.
In the evening the atmosphere is enhanced by torches at the edges of the avenues.
In the village there are rooms and apartments for the bride and groom, elegant suite with frescoed walls and antique furniture.
For your wedding we can offer assistance for the recruitment of the hairdresser, the photographer, to live music, flowers for the service and for the realization of the banquet through catering service.
The facility is also equipped to provide catering service in order to make truly complete reception service.
We are available as customized solutions for weddings and ceremonies according to their preferences and needs.



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