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Taste of Trekking

Duration: one week, 3 days with 2 hours of riding lessons, 3 days trekking in the picturesque forest trails of Elmo. 

7 days half board and packed lunches or cold dishes served in the company, with two hours riding the first 3 days and 3 days trekking with overnight stay in business. This program is the 'ideal for those approaching for the first time in the world of horse trekking. 

In the week to stay at 'Elmo the first three days, you can do two hours of lectures alternating with the walks, the last three trekking. 

For the fans and the more experienced, you can also pratcare jumping lessons with federal FISE instructor and rider 2nd degree. 

During the three days of hiking trails to discover the ring of the enchanted forest and quiet dell'Elmo to the valley of the Chiani, returning through the hills of Melonta. 

The price quoted is per person per week in double room with half board and lunch and is valid for low season. 

The price in the apartment, without half-board service, is 490 € per person. 

Current dates: From March 15, 2014 August 7, 2014, and from August 24th 2014 to 25th November 2014. 

Price: 690 Euro


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