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The handling of the Helm Farmhouse is situated in a panoramic environment where forests valleys and mountains are succeeding to the horizon.
All horses are well trained and trained, in order to satisfy experienced riders, but also quiet, so as to feel safe and comfortable mountain riders who for the first time.
The handling is provided by a well-organized obstacle course and a round for pony where qualified instructors are giving lessons to adults and children.
Beginners can learn the basics of horseback riding while experienced riders will be helped to improve their style and technique.

You can make a show-jumping course for those who want to learn or improve their skills. You do horseback riding for the typical countryside of Orvieto and Umbria with escorts, for the duration from one to several hours.
During these tours you through different environments, from woods of Mediterranean with all the most characteristic species (arbutus, phillyrea, holm oak), holm oak secular practically pure and mixed forest with oaks and hornbeam.
In the longer walks and go into the wood of Elmo where you cross a ditch sunken in the sandstones, pure water rich in fish and shellfish, and you walk to the edge of the floodplains of the river Chiani.
Immersed in the silence of the animated forest we cross the traces of its inhabitants loyal boars, porcupines, foxes, badgers.

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