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 The restaurant within the ancient walls, offers traditional cuisine and creative managed directly by the owner who with his dishes to rediscover ancient flavors using the company's products, including truffles, cultivated according to organic farming.

  • "Bruschette al Tartufo" (toasted bread with truffle)
  • "Lasagne al Tartufo" (lasagne with truffle)
  • "Pizzette bianche al tartufo" (white pizza with truffle)
  • "Agnello e Vitella tartufata" (lamb and veal with truffle sauce)

In the Farm are grown about 200 olive trees from which we obtain an oil with low acidity but rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants, with a pleasant fruity aroma, the olives are hand-picked, crushed with stone grinders, the extraction is mechanical and low temperatures.
The oil thus obtained gives a unique flavor to the food cooked and the vegetables also grown with organic farming methods in our "garden" and always fresh to be used to prepare rich "salads" and tasty "soup."

  • "Zuppa di farro con olio" (spelt soup with oil)
  • "Pasta e fagioli borlotti" (pasta and borlotti beans)
  • "Ribollita con cavolo nero e fagioli cannellini" (ribollita with black cabbage and cannellini beans)
  • "Zucchine ripiene" (stuffed zucchini)
  • "Parmigiana di melanzane" (eggplant parmigiana)
  • "Insalata profumata" (scented salad)

Our sheep are Apennine and Suffolk, produce a prelibatissima meat and little fat that is cooked to prepare, inter alia:

  • "Agnello alla cacciatora" (lamb)
  • "Cotolette di agnello impanate" (lamb cutlets breaded)
  • "Agnello al forno" (baked Lamb)
  • "Agnello coi carciofi" (lamb with artichokes)
  • "Agnello alle erbe aromatiche" (lamb with herbs)

The oven of Elmo every morning bakes loaves of homemade bread, bread with olives and bread with walnuts.

A part of the hazelnuts business, are used to produce various types of biological spreads that also take into account food intolerances 100% organic vegetable


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